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Theologian Wolfgang Huber has warned of a rise in fundamentalist Islam in Europe and the Middle East.

"At the moment I see a link between religion and violence which is worrying me greatly - also because we are not developing any instruments to respond to it," Huber told German weekly "Die Zeit" on 11 June 2015. He added: "We are not even having a proper debate on jihadism."

Huber sees the Islamic State (IS) as "only an extreme example of the temptation that is inherent in all religions." He goes on to say that Islamists' willingness to "sacrifice human life in the name of God or a common cause" cannot be tolerated. It is tragic, he says, to see that the United Nations has again failed in its response to the IS terrorist militia: "The international community must intervene wherever massive violence is perpetrated." Fundamentalism is now evolving into genocide in Iraq. A territory in which only a single faith is permitted is being created through mass murder and the expulsion of people. More than six decades after the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, this marks a "return to barbarism".

According to Huber, there is a form of Islam which believes it holds the sole truth, is resistant to change and claims that the Koran is not open to interpretation. He disagrees with the view that religion is being misused by terrorists: "Religiously motivated violence must always be criticised as such; this also includes the admission of guilt." Self-criticism is a prerequisite for self-awareness and repentance. "This is why I am concerned when representatives of Muslim organizations claim that the IS has nothing to do with Islam," the former Bishop of Berlin stated.

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